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MixedByColt's (Stock Plugins) Recording Template

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Colt "MixedByColt" Blumenthal,
Billboard #1 Charting, Multi-Platinum Engineer

"After explosive years of adjusting my template for every type of artists specific demanding workflow.. I finally created a way to record any vocalist stress-free"

"Famous Youtuber Reviews MixedByColt's Recording Template"

Sky Jordxn, a youtuber with over 140,000 subscribers, and highly experienced audio engineer, did a full video reviewing his experience with the MixedByColt's Recording Template. As you can imagine, without bias or any paid bias, the video speaks wonders of the template.


No more spending hours setting up your DAW for each project! A recording template is a pre-configured setup for your digital audio workstation (DAW) that includes everything you need to start recording or producing right away. It's like having a seasoned audio engineer at your fingertips, ready to fine-tune your sound.

Available In All Your Favorite DAWS!

Pro Tools

FL Studio

Logic Pro



Studio One




 "it’s fire every vocal lays like butter."

Beats That Pound

"Good tracking template to start out and easy to use and nice set up top to bottom ima artist/ audio engineer millions in content and streams boost def"

A1 The Hook G

"Super happy with the template, I lucked out finding it."


"this the one I been looking for from the quality sound this my new go to session...you will have to modify it just a little to your liking but it's well worth it... this is the best template ever...It's very organized easy to use very professional...I been engineering my artists as of late with this template I completed 9 songs in two days sorry for the long paragraph but I got excited about this template"

Eastside Y.O.P. (Recording Engineer, 7 Years)

"Vibe fr... loving that template"

Blanco TSG

"He did a good job with the template 😮"


"It's lit.🔥🔥🔥. The template is the best I've ever seen."

Entertainment Center

Colt "MixedByColt" Blumenthal

Colt is a multi-platinum, #1 billboard charting, audio engineer, personal engineer to the renowned label "Grade A" and recent assistant engineer to Skrillex's 2 new albums. Colt’s two decades of computer audio experience shines through his engineering attributes which includes a 100+ list of high-profile artists including Juice Wrld, Swae Lee, Kid Cudi, Jeremih, Lil Keed, Nardo Wick, and many others.

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Created By A World Leading Audio Engineer, Colt "MixedByColt" Blumenthal.